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Emotional Intelligence Improvement

At Immens, we strive to create exceptionally collaborative teams and provide companies with a new Elan. We offer you a unique approach that aligns your unit(s) and injects new energy.

Your organization deserves an efficient and expert program that meets the highest professional, ethical standards and leads to a collective sense of responsibility in your employees.

We take a dynamic approach to enable the necessary change processes by increasing emotional awareness (Emotional Intelligence Improvement).

Having an active emotional awareness is one of the most valuable competencies that sets someone apart from the rest. The method is based on the scientific substantiation of Dr Paul Ekman.

Our goal is to empower you and your employees to make the best decisions at the most critical moments due to the proper knowledge and training.

Thanks to theoretical knowledge about behavioural analysis, a general insight is obtained into one’s behaviour and effect. Based on practical training, specific insight into one’s behavioural style and that of others develop.

“Fascinating content and practical, applicable skills, conveyed in a modern and energizing way”.

Valuable for;
-Recruiters & Human Resource Managers
-Entrepreneurs and senior managers
-Supervisors and boards of directors
-Coaches and psychosocial workers
-Sales- and relationship managers
-Business service providers
-Profilers and spotters
-Law enforcers

Learn how to read people and recognize deception

Deception does not discriminate

We teach you how to recognize deception in a scientifically substantiated way

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Emotional Intelligence Improvement
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