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Xavier Y. Zeilinga RPP CPE CPI

Immens_marker copy behavioral analyst
Immens_marker copy private detective
Immens_marker copy advisor
Immens_marker copy executive coach
Immens_marker copy behavioral trainer
Immens_marker copy guest lecturer
Immens_marker copy interim manager
Immens_marker copy Paul Ekman Associate
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Certified Profiling Expert
Immens_marker copy Accredited LSI™ Consultant
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Certified Professional Investigator
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Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®
Immens_marker copy Certified Practitioner Evaluating Truth and Credibility (ETaC)
Immens_marker copy Certified Practitioner in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC)

In addition to business psychology and transformational coach, Xavier trained in England and became a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Evaluating Truth and Credibility (ETaC), including reading micro-expressions, through the scientific methodologies and teachings of Dr. Paul Ekman.

Xavier has been a partner at denhartigh & partners bv. since October 1, 2019

Xavier provides services in the field of behavioral analysis, culture and leadership development, person-oriented research and training. Behavioral analysis and personal development are pre-eminently his field of work. With a great sense of responsibility, he likes to contribute to the success of others, from a leading – and therefore serving – role.

As a person he is creative and driven to find opportunities for improvement and always focused on achieving results. This is to promote sustainable employment relationships, the effectiveness of people, teams and departments. He believes in an energetic, positive approach.

LSI™ Accredited

Alice Zeilinga – Gerritsen

Immens_marker copy LSI™ specialist
Immens_marker copy leadership trainer
Immens_marker copy coach

In addition to being a trainer and coach, Alice is also a therapist from Praktijk Immens. She has a background as a professional trooper and then switched to banking and insurance. During this period Alice has gained a lot of experience in commercial and management positions. After that she learned the training trade and worked as a career advisor.

In 2004 Alice started her own business to be a  businesspartner within the entire field for people with issues in the field of leadership development, change management, employability and health.

Being a therapist and trainer coach is her passion. Alice literally and figuratively knows how to quickly pinpoint the sore spot and tackle the causes. As a result, there are demonstrably fast results.

Her enthusiasm is contagious. Alice has a focused approach with attention to people and their well-being. She connects simply and easily. She knows how to apply theory quickly and practically, so that it can be used immediately in daily practice. She guides managers and supervisors in various large companies with the effective use of change processes.

Since June 2020, Alice has been affiliated withdenhartigh & partners bv as an LSI™ specialist, leadership trainer and coach.