Personal guidance & Executive coaching

Strengthen your personal and professional leadership

Effective leadership for decision-makers and policymakers.

Executive coaching is intended for entrepreneurs (DGAs), directors and senior managers who want temporary support and guidance during important moments in their career. Because the functioning of decision-makers and policymakers affects the entire organization.

As a leader, it’s not just about what you do, but who you are and how you do business. It is often experienced as difficult to discuss uncertainties. We offer a solution in being a sparring partner or someone who holds up the mirror to you.

Sometimes the need may arise to evaluate and possibly redefine your own goals. Answering questions such as: “How can I work more effectively, am I still in the right place or how can I change small things so that I can develop better and enjoy more, both in my working life and in my private life?’

Do you recognize issues such as:

Immens_marker copyManaging in times of change
Immens_marker copyLearning to interpret the behavior of others
Immens_marker copy Learn to communicate more effectively
Immens_marker copyLearning to recognize deception during conversations
Immens_marker copy Keeping the balance between the substantive side of your job and an overview
Immens_marker copyHow can I improve my effectiveness as a professional?
Immens_marker copyAligning culture and strategy
Immens_marker copy Develop service-oriented leadership
Immens_marker copyHow do I get commitment?
Immens_marker copyHow do I create a collective sense of responsibility in my staff?
Immens_marker copyMotivate my teams and employees and achieve better results
Immens_marker copySparring about actual (practical) situations and defining an approach
Immens_marker copyHow do I – in a practical way – influence my own behavior and that of others?
Immens_marker copyConstructive communication techniques in looming conflict situations

Our process ensures that you gain insight into your personal dynamics and how it relates to your environment and your goals. In addition, we also help you evaluate the effectiveness of your performance and take the next step in your personal leadership.

Forming a good definition of your goal(s) and the impetus to develop activities aimed at this, are also part of the possible process. Because no one is the same, this always concerns customization.