Emotional Intelligence Improvement Training II

Learn how to read people and recognize deception

Deceptive practices and dishonest communication can be very costly, with financial, emotional and psychological consequences that put individuals and businesses in danger.

Deception does not discriminate and unfortunately it affects all of us at some point, directly or indirectly.

If  stakes are high and integrity important, then being able to rule out deception is crucial.

Whether it concerns the recruitment of a candidate for a key position, questioning or interviewing persons of interested or conducting sales negotiations; being able to establish credibility is particularly valuable. It can prevent a great deal of suffering.

Behavioral analysis is the investigation of human behavior by means of factual truth-finding. The testing of credibility with gut feeling and subjective observations are used as indicators and mearley indicative.

But how do you do that?

Parts of this behavioral analysis are incorporated into our management development processes.  We provide tailor-made solutions for team and personal development processes (coaching), because no person, team and company is the same.

The methodologies we employ are based on the science and fascinating works of Dr. Paul Ekman. The development of ‘Deception Detection’ dates back to 1985. In response to the book ‘Telling lies’, Dr. Ekman was asked to provide training for the police, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), among others. (Source:PEG)

There is no such thing as a lie detector and it is also impossible to see if someone is lying. Noses don’t grow if someone doesn’t tell the truth. But with proper training, it is possible to determine whether someone is telling the truth or lying.

Dr. Ekman was the scientific advisor for the FOX television series “Lie to Me,” which was inspired by the scientific discoveries of Dr. Ekman. His commentary and insights on each episode of Series 1 through 3 of “Lie To Me” can be found on Paul Ekman International website.