Emotional Intelligence Improvement Training I

Learn to value verbal and non-verbal behavior

Where the emphasis used to be on cognition and ratio, the interest in emotion has made a significant advance. ‘The experience’ is the focus of every self-respecting marketer and being able to make rapport is key. To be able to make a real connection is seen as the most important element to achieve results in communication, sales, management … in fact in all valuable forms of human interaction. Talking about ‘the emotion’ has long ceased to be vague.

Being able to analyze emotions is valuable for anyone who wants to build relationships with others in a constructive way. Learn to control your own emotions and to recognize those of others in order to subsequently test the credibility of your conversation partner.

But how do you do that?

Parts of this behavioral analysis are incorporated into our management development processes. Because no person, team and company is the same. We provide tailor-made solutions for team- and personal development processes (coaching).

The methodologies we employ are based on the science and fascinating works of Dr. Paul Ekman.

What are the universal emotions, how do you recognize them and what do they say?

Dr. Ekman played a key advisory role in the hugely popular Disney / Pixar film “Inside Out”, which focuses on emotions and family dynamics.

The theoretical knowledge of behavioral analysis will give you a general insight into behavior and its effect. On the basis of practical training you will gain more specific insight into your own behavioral style and that of others.

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