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Revealing hidden potential

Immens specializes in practice-oriented training programs. Starting points are; increasing personal effectiveness and interpersonal interaction; collaboration and efficiency improvement, with the aim of achieving more functionality and better returns.

The trainers pay attention to mutual interaction and how this can be improved. We help develop skills in behavioral analysis and reading the behavior of others through verbal and non-verbal cues. We also show how this advanced competence can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings of the people you interact with. This contributes to building good relationships. It is an investment in developing the entire organization.

Team coaching

Team coaching is a form of intensive training in which strengthening the team is central. In a good team people find each other and there is a collective sense of responsibility. Team coaching contributes to safeguarding learned skills and to help people further in their personal & professional development.

Immens is certified and offers assessments that measure the effectiveness and preferred behavior of individuals.

An assessment, combined with training and coaching, achieves very fast and effective results.

During team coaching, people work with cognitive learning in combination with the development of emotional skills. This allows the trainee to use this advanced competence to gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings of others, helping to build good relationships.

Team coaching can be used for:

Immens_marker copy increasing cohesion, enthusiasm and energy
Immens_marker copy clearing up ‘old pain’ and adding new impetus
Immens_marker copy team building, increasing mutual trust and loyalty
Immens_marker copy promote constructive communication using behavioral analysis
Immens_marker copy reframing roles and positions in an existing team
Immens_marker copy creating an approach plan or road map for new projects

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