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Emotional Intelligence Improvement

Learn to read people’s behavior and find out intentions using behavioral science

Deceptive practices and dishonest communication can be very costly, with financial, emotional and psychological consequences that put individuals and businesses at risk.

Immens B.V. is a training and consultancy firm aimed at increasing the effectiveness of people in the field of communication. In addition to management development processes, we offer directors, supervisors, managers and professionals training in the detection of deception.

We teach you how to recognize deception in a scientifically substantiated way

Thanks to theoretical knowledge of behavioral analysis you will gain a general insight into behavior and its effect. On the basis of practical training you will gain specific insight into your own behavioral style and that of others.

We offer practical tools from behavioral science to communicate more effectively, make better decisions to find out the truth when it really matters!

Immens_marker copy Learn how to find out the truth, credibility and underlying motives of others.
Immens_marker copy What is someone really saying and how do you interpret your own perception more effectively?
Immens_marker copy Give your gut feeling proper attention, learn to interpret it and put it to good use

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