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Change management

We live in an increasingly small world, where expectations are rapidly changing and the changes succeed each other all the time. This means that organisations need to be able to adjust quickly, preferably even before the market asks them to.

Some examples of difficulties that organisations have to face on a daily basis: Competition, wishes/demands from clients, new techniques, fluctuation in costs and market conditions. Organisations have no other choice than to adjust, or they will run the risk of recession, or worse… Is your business model and strategy still what it’s supposed to be? Are the right people on board? Are they equipped for the job? How do you prepare people for change? How do you change ingrained habits and patterns?

Change seems stubborn. Especially when it entails changing behaviour that can be placed in the category: ‘but this is how we’ve always done it around here.’

If you want to change this, you’ll need a plan. A plan and clear agreements. It starts with the leaders at the top of the company who search for connection, and find it during their daily leading of the workforce. In the end, the leaders of the company are the ones that realise behavioural changes. This means that directors and management need a clear vision and a distinct view, combined with the facilitation of these views by the workforce managers.

Change management needs to be well thought through and cautiously incorporated. The reason for this is that change is often accompanied by: uncertainty, bad communication and power play. To successfully introduce change into your company you should take care of:

Immens_marker copy Good communication
Immens_marker copy Clear division of roles
Immens_marker copy The right people in the right places
Immens_marker copy Being clear about the purpose
Immens_marker copy Involvement with important decisions
Immens_marker copy Clarity about the progress
Immens_marker copy Celebrating successes obtained during the process
Immens_marker copy Structural explanations of why the changes are necessary
Immens_marker copy A good supply of information
Immens_marker copy Being transparent in your conduct
Immens_marker copy Guidance of individual employees

Immens has extensive experience in the guiding of organisations and people undergoing a process of change. We are happy to discuss a practical approach made specifically for you and your company.